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Digital Signage Application For Transport

Digital signage quickly is replacing staticsignage in transportation applications. Along with displaying schedule information,digital signage can serve double duty by advertising products and services andgenerating additional revenue.

Provide up to the minute departure and arrival information

  • In a transportation environment such as airports, train stations and bus stops digital signage ensures all your travelers see where to board and at what time.
  • Keep them informed about last minute changes or cancellations.
  • Guide them quickly and safely to their next destination.
  • Optimize traveler experiencs With PADS you are not limited to display just real-time travel information.
  • Offer a total signage package that also includes advertising to boost the sales of your local retail facilities, menu boards to accommodate your travelers in the hospitality establishments, and infotainment to reduce perceived waiting time.

As the economy of a country or a city grows, it’s infrastructure and transport grow in parallel fashion. Any well developed city has multiple modes of transport to cater to the demanding travel needs of its citizens. Multiple modes such as trains, buses, metros, airlines, etc are largely used worldwide. There is a huge value addition and benefit of installing digital signage in these modes as well as at the point where passengers gather to board on/off.

Let it be an airport, railway station, bus-stop or a metro, there is a huge number of people who are waiting at these places for their bus, train, etc. This is when they are completely bored and most receptive to any communication sent. Advertisers pay big bucks to have their brands and products propagated at such places which generate high ROI for the company. In addition to ads, other safety messages, timetables, delay information, news and social welfare messages can be shown on these displays.

New generation digital signage has now made it possible to install remotely controlled digital screens within trains, buses and other means of transport. Different kind of system specifications are required to cater to the moving nature, heat conditions and voltage fluctuations. These signages can be used in a similar manner for displaying advertisements and other entertaining content which are sure to get registered in the minds of the viewers. Huge revenue generation is done by enabling advertising in trains & buses.