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Digital Signage Application For Sports Venues

One of the biggest markets of growth for outdoor digital signage is coming from entertainment venues like concert halls and arenas, football stadiums, casinos and other similar large-scale sites.

Stadiums and arenas are hosting a wide variety of live events more frequently. Because of this high run of shows, the venue must be able to communicate real-time, targeted information that connects with its intended audience(s). Outdoor digital displays offer a great way for arenas and concert halls to create, schedule and distribute content. Dynamic digital signage at entertainment venues can help provide upcoming performance information, emergency notifications, ticket sales alerts and promotional videos from the performers themselves.

Demand is climbing for digital signage applications, commercial TV displays and large-format displays via B2B (business-to-business) activity. Much of the evidence of this growth is seen in outdoor dynamic digital signage and LED displays used in sport and concert venues.

Long gone are the days when concertgoers simply showed up at the venue for a concert. Today’s technophile fans not only want stadium area wi-fi, but also opportunities to interact with the performer on large-scale outdoor signage at the venue. Partnering on promotional content on large digital displays helps modern performers to be much more interactive with their fans, and it helps the facilities to maintain a cutting edge digital image to ticket buyers.

How Digital Signage can be Used

Some of the main applications for outdoor digital signage at concert venues and sporting arenas includes billboard with either dynamic fluid motion or digital advertising content that rotates every 8-10 seconds for different advertisers. Other examples include on-premise, commercial displays that use animation and motion.

Large-scale outdoor digital displays can be part of a concert venue’s marketing program. LED digital panels and displays can highlight upcoming events, performer images and video interviews, interactive messages involving social media and much more.

Facility owners can convert static signs into full-color, smart messaging systems for increasing sales and results. Using these new digital displays also replaces older, inefficient sign technology that used old lamp-based systems with fading outputs.

New innovations in LED displays, company responsiveness to new forms of digital signage effectiveness and better sign management integration are making outdoor digital signage far more common at concerts and other outdoor venues.

On Target Messaging

Digital content continues to grow as a creative and easy way to share information in a timely manner and reach a wider audience on the go. At concert halls and entertainment venues, there is a great opportunity to use concise and on-target messaging. As these casual forms of communication become more effective to reach target audiences, it is more important than ever for core messaging to remain clear and consistent. What messages do you want to share? Remember, that no matter what signage medium is being used for outdoor communications, it’s still important to identify and deliver a strong, clear and concise corporate message as the foundation for building all other communications efforts.

No matter how much man power you have, it is not going to be enough to control, manage or guide all your spectators at the same time at a sporting venue. The use of digital signage at stadium and the sport venues not only helps to achieve this but it actually makes the venue come alive. This energizes the atmosphere which is very essential in creating a communication bridge between the event and the consumer.

The scoreboards can be digitized to keep up with the pace of the game. Digital signage can be used to display updates and emergency information. Display of advertisements generates revenue for the event organizer and entertains the consumer.

India boasts a host of premiere social and sports clubs. This club culture has a good mix of the quaint charm of the older clubs while the sprawling new ones. Digital signage can add tremendous value to your club’s esthetics and gives you that sophisticated, technological edge. At the entrance itself you can greet the visitors with displays showing videos which talks about the club’s offerings, history, membership programs, elite members etc. it can create a huge impact on the brand building of the club. Information and accessibility are the key factors that can be addressed creatively using digital signage. As a Digital signage plays an important role in increasing the audience involvement and enriches their experience, it ultimately leads to increased ROI and consumer loyalty.