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One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Flexibility is at the core of the ESSMARK. The same management tools can be used for digital signage, mobile media distribtion with beacons, interactive kiosks, and even audience measurement.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is at the heart of the ESSMARK. Since it's inception, ESSMARK has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital signage space and we continue to provide best in class capabilities and service.

Features specific to digital signage include:

  • 100% web based management
  • Native Android and Windows player software
  • Support for virtually all media formats
  • Full suite of player monitoring tools
  • Robust design tools for creating most any signage layout


Any digital signage template can become an interactive kiosk. Both Android and Windows support interactivity either through 3rd party widgets, or through custom template scripting. You can even use the intergrated AdHawk face detection to trigger content without physically touching the screen!

  • Full control over template elements via script
  • Utilize face detection or other sensor to trigger content
  • Play logs record what and when an interactive element was engaged
  • Supports virtually any level of interactive complexity

Mobile & Beacons

Beacons allow creative distribution of media to mobile devices and can also work as a trigger for your digital signage. With ESSMARK, managing your beacon campaign is identical to managing your digital signage.

  • Same easy management tools for beacon campaigns
  • ESSMARK provides custom FYI Beacon hardware
  • SDK and tools for implementing your own beacon app
  • Turn key, branded solution available for quick startup
  • Fully compatible with AdHawk analytics and reporting

Industry specific solutions


The retail space has great opportunities for taking advantage of digital signage, interactive kiosks, and beacon based marketing.


Convenience stores provide a number of opportunities to make effective use of digital signage and kiosks.


Digital signage and kiosks offer valuable services to customers by providing real-time information on everything from current flight schedules to the daily specials at the restaurant.


From K-12 to college campuses, digital signage, along with kiosks and mobile media distribution, can provide students and faculty alike with a number of benefits.


The power of digital signage is flexibilty. Utilize your screen space to introduce new customers to services and products or entertain waiting customers with a live TV feed.


The ESSMARK was designed to accomodate a wide range of signage and interactive use cases. The transportation industry in particular provides a great example of the variability of these use cases.


In a bank where they have a tightly controlled interior environment ripe with security and technology, and a tireless line of people with nothing to do while waiting in line but to look around.


Communications from government agency or institution often carry a heightened weight of importance – from emergency and public safety updates to offering vital services and information to a community.

Sports Venues

One of the biggest markets of growth for outdoor digital signage is coming from entertainment venues like concert halls and arenas, football stadiums, casinos and other similar large-scale sites.