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Security Environment

The Security Environment relies on fast, reliable response. Our wireless system ensure the product is easy to use, discreet and on the move. Direct calling ensure improved service and increased prodictivity. Printable monitoring reports allow management to manage their staff more effectively.

Improving Safety and Security through Digital Signage.

Security executives should take notice of the dramatic shift to digital communication. For safety and security-related communication in a business environment, messages must not merely be sent, they must also be received, sometimes with time being of the essence. In industrial sectors – such as utilities, oil and gas, chemical and manufacturing – the risks of faulty safety and security communication are high. Beyond industrial companies, any business has exposure to theft and other crime along with weather-related risk. In each setting, the need for timely safety and security communication is critical.

By conveying information quickly and potentially in real time through high-impact digital signage, chief security officers put the odds in their favor of distributing safety and security messages thoroughly, and in a way that registers with recipients. Consider some examples:

Safety messages, including reminders and performance metrics (e.g., number of accident-free days) may go unnoticed when posted on static wall signs in facilities. However, when information is conveyed in real time and via digital technology, employees are more likely to notice. Flashing scoreboards, frequently changing content and other visual techniques can be used to ensure that messages are seen and noticed by all employees no matter where they are.

For emergency notifications such as tornado warnings or chemical spills, real-time digital messaging becomes even more important to helping a company reduce injuries and damages. Critical messaging about an event or response to an event can be conveyed and consumed immediately using digital tools across desktop, signage and mobile platforms.

Digital signage can be integrated with other security systems by using video feeds from cameras in combination with TV screen displays of surveillance footage to safety personnel. Real-time transmission of information allows companies to react quickly, preventing a bad situation from becoming worse. Digital communication attracts attention in part because of motion: A scrolling ticker on public digital screens with up-to-the-minute information on a developing weather event or live updates on an in-plant accident can instantaneously draw attention to key matters.

  • Easy of use
  • instant, direct and discreet communication between the staff and security
  • On site monitoring
  • Printable reaction reports
  • Low maintenance
  • Improved response times