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Clear and simple pricing

You can create an account today and enjoy the ESSMARK and if you’re satisfied that ESSMARK is the right digital signage software for you, simply pay monthly or annually per registered device to continue using ESSMARK.

Rs. 2500

2500 + Tax per registered device, per month

1 Month

Rs. 2200

2200 + Tax per registered device, per Month

6 Months

Rs. 1900

1900 + Tax per registered device, per Month

12 Months

Frequently Asked Payment Questions

How do I pay?

Licenses are purchased through a global network of resellers. Once you’re ready to place an order, contact us and we will put you in touch with a reseller in your territory to process your payment.

What’s the contract length?

We operate a rolling contact agreement meaning that your contract will continue to renew itself unless you cancel it. You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees and you’re not tied into minimum contract length terms.

Can I change payment plans?

You can switch plans to make managing your payments easier. To switch plans simply contact us and advise the changes you want to make and we will action those for you.

Do I need to pay for updates?

Updates to the ESSMARK software are completely free. As we release new features you will automatically be upgraded to the latest version.

Can I pay monthly?

Some resellers may offer monthly payment plans for licenses. To see if you can obtain monthly pricing please contact us.