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Medical Environment

In the Medical Environment ESSMARK offers a wire less call system that is easy to use and communication is instant. Relationships between the staff and patients are key. Nurses have wireless wrist pagers that ensure effective reliable services at all times, patients are attended to when needed and staff can be managed efficiently.

In today’s business environment, employees have access to all types of information either via the internet from their office PC or from their smartphones. Digital signage lets employers control the type of information that is being delivered on their screens.

Parity Medical provides a full Digital Signage consultancy, design, supply, configuration and installation service. More and more hospitals are recognising the benefits of Digital Signage in order to improve the patient experience and to help meet government guidelines.

The Ultimate Guide For Digital Signage Wayfinding

Visiting your healthcare provider shouldn’t be an anxiety-inducing affair, but hectic urgent care and emergency facilities, sprawling campuses and long waits can combine to form a harrowing experience for patients. New technology is taking digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry to new heights.

  • Clinics
  • Doctors Rooms
  • Hotpitals
  • Wireless Installation
  • Surface Mounted (No wires or cables)
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet and direct communication between management, staff and patients
  • Attending Monitoring
  • Backup display monitor
  • Wirelss personal / Nurse Wrist Monitor

Creating a welcoming hospital or healthcare facility

ESSMARK systems work towards creating a hospital or healthcare facility that is less daunting and less stressful for both patients and staff. From paging, radios and phones to security monitoring and critical information exchange, our systems are vital tools to ensure the safety of staff and patients. We ensure the smooth day-to-day running of operations and administration.

Cost effective solutions to meet safety needs

Our products including DECT communications are universally recognised as the most efficient and cost effective solution to meet the needs of an ever demanding and tightly squeezed sector. Recognising the needs for systems to be discreet and able to cover significant areas, ESSMARK has the expertise and solutions to find the right system to meet both your needs and your budget.