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Outdoor LED Video Wall And LED Display India

ESSMARK outdoor LED screen using the highest quality LED components offering stunning brightness, contrast and colour reproduction. Our outdoor LED screens have an IP65/IP67 waterproof rating meaning they are built to withstand all weather conditions. The Outdoor LED Video Walls are widely used in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Stadium Shows, and Bus Stops & Railway Stations for Advertising Purpose, Live Outdoor Events and many other places. Our Outdoor LED Video Walls are known for excellent picture quality. You will be amazed by the degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution that our Outdoor LED Video Walls feature. Besides, amazing picture quality, our Outdoor Led Screens are extremely power efficient. All these factors have lined us up among the leading LED Display Screen Suppliers in India. On top of that, no other Outdoor Led Display Screen Supplier offers such advanced display units at the prices that we do.

ESSMARK LED Video wall for outdoor applications is a module based LED wall solution. The technology used in ESSMARK outdoor LED displays is DIP. As this is a module based solution, it can be molded into any shape or size.

Due to DIP technology that is used the outdoor video walls are sturdy, durable & very bright. Unlike other LED video walls, ESSMARK outdoor LED displays are viewable in direct sunlight. The picture quality is not compromised in our solution, hence the display is crystal clear despite it’s a day time or night time.

We strive to create products which are environmentally balanced, ESSMARK outdoor LED video walls are low power consumption. Our outdoor LED displays are compatible with various input formats, such as DVD players, cable TV, internet & intranet etc.

These are highly customized LED walls, every LED video is customized in regards to pixel pitches, resolution, sizes, shapes etc.Our LED video walls enjoys long life, they are weatherproof units & can tolerate dust, humidity or rain.