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Stadium Displays

LED scoreboard shows live scores, replays, animations, advertisements, etc. ESSMARK Stadium Display Solutions are weatherproof & waterproof, designed for outdoor environment.

Perimeter LED display is a ground level banner display that is long in width and short in height. Silicon rubber mask on the LED cabinet and the top protective hat provides player & screen safety.

Scrolling Displays

LED ticker presents live data such as stock market data, news headlines, RSS Feeds, twitter feeds, brief messages etc.

The purpose of LED ticker is to show crisp information in transport, BFSI or any other sector.

Transparent Displays

With brightness levels > 6500 cd/sq.m, it is mainly used in retail window advertising, shopping malls, airports & corporate media facades.

Easy to install and dismantle & light in weight for portability.Provides high transparency hence suitable where high visibility required.

Indoor Architectural Displays

LED Sphere/ cylinder can be hung from the ceiling, supported from the ground.

LED dance/ interactive floor is not just eye candy but a cutting edge technology with limitless possibilities.