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Industrial Environment

The Industrial Environment relies on production, time and staff management. ESSMARK offers numerous wireless systems to monitor all work procedures in the work place and improves communiaction between management and staff. The result, incresing productivity and ensuring minimal downtime at all times.

Every marketing environment and business strategy is unique. Each of our Digital Signage Solutions is custom-designed to achieve your specific goals. From diagnostics and installation, to ongoing service and support, ESSMARK Digital Signage Solutions experts will meet with you to assess, evaluate and recommend the perfect digital signage package for you, and help you maintain it.

With digital signage now being so prevalent there are few locations where screens haven’t yet been used for either advertising or information. But not every location is suitable for display screens – especially in outside or industrial locations where weather and other elements can damage and disable a screen.

This is where LCD enclosures come in and I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few of the benefits of an LCD or plasma enclosure and the possibilities that they allow. From outdoor locations to industrial areas, LCD enclosures allow the safe use of standard and commercial screens- no matter what the environment it has to operate in is like.

  • Improved productivity and service levels
  • Instant and direct calling
  • Monitoring of staff and productivity
  • Easy of use
  • Printable monitoring reports
  • Low maintenance

Improving and enhancing operations

Instant communication, exchange of critical information and security monitoring are vital tools in ensuring the safety of staff and contractors. Developing the smooth day-to-day administrative and operational procedures ensures revenue increases and productivity develops. Wireless communications are universally recognised as the most efficient and cost effective solutions to meet these standards.

A solution to meet your needs and your budget

ESSMARK's wireless systems range from simple desktop messaging and two-way radios for basic staff communication, to facilities maintenance and task management paging software. ESSMARK has helped the industrial and security industries to organise deliveries and drivers for 'queue busting' methods and preventing costly false alarm and fire evacuations.