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Hospitality Environment

Customer service is important in the Hospitality Environment. Our wireless calling system has been proven to increse turnover, maximize productivity and improve customer service.

Our product is wireless, easy to install and improves communication between management, staff and customers. Allows yours customers. Allows your customers to receive service when desired, making their visit or stay an absolute pleasure.

Hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, bars, casinos and healthcare facilities are greeting guests with new video display technology and Planar is on the forefront of digital signage innovation in these hospitality environments. Designed for the challenges of public venue installations, Planar digital signage solutions deliver breath-taking imagery that can instruct, inform, inspire or direct while creating digital experiences that are talked about for years to come.

ESSMARK system are a cost effective and low mainteanance product.

  • Guest Houses and Lodges
  • Health and Beauty Spa's
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless Installation
  • Improves service and waiting times
  • Discreet communication between management staff and customers
  • Low maintenance system
  • Response monitoring

Provider of hospitality software and communication solutions

With ever increasing competition and the need to win customer loyalty, hospitality operators have embraced modern technology in all aspects of their operations. Over the last 20 years, ESSMARK's wireless restaurant paging systems and hospitality software has revolutionised the industry with over 15,000 system users in the UK alone. We are proudly recognised as the most efficient and cost effective provider of operational software and staff/customer communications.

Find a solution to your problem

With clients ranging from small independent outlets to leading operations all requiring on-site communication systems, we strive to ensure our systems are the solution you are looking for. As the strategic distributor of QSR AutomationsĀ®, our hospitality software solutions help busy kitchens increase table turns and serve more customers efficiently and effectively. Whether you want to increase table turns, improve customer service levels or develop food quality standards, our solutions are not only industry tested, but industry approved.

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