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Digital Signage Application For Healthcare

Healthcare organizations need to communicate timely and relevant information to staff, patients, and visitors. Healthcare Digital Signage are used to inform, entertain, and help patients and visitors relax more efficiently with a combination of video, text, graphics, news and weather during a visit to a hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities. Healthcare establishments can use digital signage to effectively deliver patient education, post operative recovery instruction, facilities operating hours and services, feature staff members, promote healthy lifestyles, etc.

Few environments exemplify a captive audience network as well as healthcare. While waiting in the doctor's waiting room for their appointment, with nothing to do while waiting in line but to look around. Clinics have plenty of health products and services that would probably be of benefit to their patients and visitors if only they knew about them. The doctor's waiting rooms can be transformed into an infotainment and advertising platform to inform patients and visitors of the latest health screening & treatment available and health products.

What can you do?

  • Deliver important, timely announcements
  • Welcome visitors with personalized messages
  • Generate revenues with targeted advertising
  • Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Share health programs with target audiences
  • Advertise gift shop products and special offers
  • Advertise upcoming events and vaccination schedules
  • Promote community outreach and partner programs
  • Display live weather, traffic, stock and sports news


  • Hospital doctors' directory
  • Medical center's clinic directory
  • Interactive directory and wayfinding
  • Ward & bed listing
  • Digital Posters
  • Queuing system

Digital signage serves for many purposes in the healthcare industry. Especially, in the Indian healthcare industry, this is in boom & attracting medical tourism. Indian hospitals are working on various technologies to create an exclusive experience for the patients. Along with medical tourism, an average Indian is now willing to spend on good healthcare facilities. As a result, the infrastructure facilities in India are improving.

Digital signage technology helps hospitals & clinics to handle their communication problems & drive the operations effectively. There are various departments within a hospital, to manage patients & doctors from these departments are a tough task. With ESSMARK Queue Management Software Services, a hospital can handle its queues effectively & avoid all the possible chaos.

ESSMARK QMS is web based software that can be made available on the doctor’s personal devices too. This feature helps visiting doctors a lot to handle its appointments in a timely manner.

A normal digital signage can also be put to use for effective branding purposes. Digital signage can also serve as a guide & messenger to create awareness for various medical causes.Various applications can be integrated with digital signage like QMS, live TV. Way finding is another application that a hospital can use to serve its customer in a better way.