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Corporate Environment

Helping businesses reach their full potential

ESSMARK provides a wide range of communication and alarm monitoring solutions for the corporate and financial sectors. Efficient and effective solutions are there to enhance staff productivity, ensure high levels of service and help the smooth running of day-to-day operations. ESSMARK understands that businesses and services want to gain as much as possible from their staff, and communication programmes can only help achieve that.

Increase efficiency and revenue

We understand the need for a cohesive and integrated centralised alarm system to ensure staff safety and fire monitoring standards are adhered to. In addition to increasing service standards, we specialise in corporate solutions to help your business reach new levels of efficiency and increase revenue.

  • Portable mobile phone charging
  • Fire Alarm Paging
  • Waiter Table Management
  • Staff Paging
  • Paging Software
  • DECT Solutions
  • Call buttons

Portable mobile phone charging

Keep your mobile charged on-the-go with Discgo Charger

Phones and tablets are essential communications tools and it's critical to remain charged at all times. Discgo Charger is the first of its kind, a commercial and portable mobile phone charger which means you don't have to be plugged into a wall. You can carry the device with you while you recharge, never missing a call or email.

Stay charged through all day meetings and conferences

Discgo's use in the workplace is unlimited. For on the road employees, Discgo keeps your tool of trade charged and by your side at all times. On corporate meeting room floors and business centres, Discgo keeps you charged through all day meetings and conferences. Perfect for corporate events and functions, attendees can network while recharging, keeping their phone by their side.

Fire Alarm Paging

Eliminate false evacuations

In the corporate world, time is money. And false evacuations halt productivity reducing revenue as a result. With our alarm paging systems, you can determine whether an alarm is false or verified. Because the system pinpoints the location of the alert, it can be especially useful in large buildings and help managers coordinate any evacuation safely should the alarm prove genuine.

Establish the exact location and validity of the alarm

When an alarm is triggered, it immediately notifies a designated fire marshal to where the first alarm has been activated. They then establish the exact location and validity of the alarm, prior to the Fire Brigade being dispatched. If the alarm is false it can be cancelled before the alarm is heard by the rest of the building and evacuation commences. The use of this system helps maintain a good relationship with the fire service, working with them to reduce unnecessary call outs.

Alphanumeric Pagers

Alphanumeric pagers are cost effective, discreet communication devices. They are ideal for sending messages between staff members and management. Easy-to-use, they ensure that your staff can respond immediately to any requests and alerts.

AlarmCall Paging

AlarmCall Paging Systems are the cost-effective monitoring systems that provides a real alternative to haemorrhaging money through reacting to false alarms. Based on a sophisticated paging system, AlarmCall Paging immediately notifies the designated fire marshals exactly where the fire alarm has been activated.

DeafCall Fire Paging System

The Equality Act 2010 requires all UK employers to make provision for disabled staff and customers, particularly in the area of fire safety. With one in seven of the population being deaf or hard of hearing, the need to effective fire warning technology is imperative. This is where ESSMARK's DeafCall pager system comes into its own, providing an easy-to-use.

Genesis Software

Genesis is a Windows based messaging software solution. It allows users to compose and send messages from any PC on the network to on-site alphanumeric pagers, DECT handsets and two-way radios without costly line rentals and call charges. Genesis takes staff and client protection to a new level by integrating all alarms into one system and ensuring that staff remain in constant contact.

NightPorter Paging System

The next generation in Front Door paging systems. The transmitter can be interfaced with Front Door and Reception Bells, Disabled Rooms, Night Phones and Fire Alarm panels, giving you a total communication package for those sites that do not warrant a standard paging solution package.

Scrolling Message Display

Easily share information and alerts with others using the clear scrolling display. Control it from the Genesis system or a designated pager. A great addition to a paging or communication system. Message can be entered through public paging system or Genesis paging software.


The StewardCall wireless buttons provide a unique on-site messaging solution idea for stadium, arena and other sporting event venues. The StewardCall system puts immediate communication in the palm of your hand. With ESSMARK's StewardCall transmitters, you can give every section steward instant and discreet access to summon key personnel. The system delivers great responsiveness with stadium wide coverage.

Waiter Table Management

Keep everyone up to date with table status

A Waiter Table Management solution is ideal for corporations that want to keep the status of tables up to date and serve more customers. Carried by waiters, the handheld TableScout device can update a table management system with current seating availability, or alert another member of staff should a table need to be cleared. Communication is quicker and easier, and time is saved searching for team members or walking to the front of house stand.

Integration options

This solution integrated with existing software such as QSR's ConnectSmart. It is portable, waterproof and durable, suitable for the most demanding of restaurant environments. Moreover, the wireless technology is perfect for large restaurants with multiple levels, helping turn tables faster and bring in more revenue as a result.


Carried by waiters, TableScout can update a table management system with current seating availability, or page the relevant staff member immediately should a table need to be clearer. Communication is quicker and easier, and time is saved searching for team members of walking to the hostess stand.

Staff Paging

Contact staff quickly and discreetly

Staff paging systems are an economic and effective solution to contacting staff individually or as a group. Businesses can also use paging systems to make sure that messages are passes on immediately, as well as ensuring that urgent items reach the correct person quickly. If you have other third party devices that may require an alert to be sent to a pager, our systems can be set up to work with these too, giving you numerous possibilities when it comes to applications.

Integrate with third part devices

Pagers can interface with doors and alarms including lnking up with doorbells, which could be a particularly useful feature for any reception staff who may find that they need to leave their desk throughout the day. Ultimately paging systems are an effective, low powered communication solutions to contact staff quickly and discreetly.


Hand held or wall mounted, the transmitter provides an effective communication solution to enable your delegates or guests to summon staff without leaving their current location. The PageCall transmitter is an effective, low powered communication solution to contact staff quickly and discreetly.

Push Button Paging

Guests can push the button on the system alerting staff via their pager that a request has been made. Select from digital or alpha numeric pagers which can flash, vibrate or beep to alert staff, whatever works for you.

QuickCall Paging System

The QuickCall system is an economic and effective solution to paging staff individually or as a group. A desk mountable transmitter and Qwerty keyboard enables you to type a message to contact a staff member carrying an alphanumeric pager. QuickCall allows you to contact staff quickly.


Serve food as soon as it's ready and provide prompt service to customers, with a WaiterCall system. When meals are ready, the chef presses the WaiterCall transmitter sending a silent message to the appropriate waiter's pager. The pager vibration signals the exact moment an order is ready for collection. A WaiterCall paging system eliminates raised voices from the kitchen, cold food complaints and guarantees less wastage.

Paging Software

Messaging software solutions

Paging software solution Genesis is a windows-based messaging software solution allowing staff to remain in constant contact and therefore enhance overall productivity. The system allows users to compose and send messages from any PC on the network to onsite pagers, DECT phones and two-way radios. Perfect for situations where messages need to be delivered quickly.

Integration options

By integrating with personal alarms and providing position location, staff benefit from an extra level of security. Genesis takes staff and client protection to a new level by integrating all alarms into one system and ensuring that staff remain in constant contact. Genesis has advanced functionalities including group paging, pre-set messaging and reminders of regular maintenance whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

DECT Solutions

Cost effective communication solution

A high clarity communication device with all the functions of a pager, lone worker protection device and alarm in one stylish, slim handset. The DECT solution is a tried and tested, cost effective communication system used throughout the corporate world to connect different departments easily. With full two-way speech communication, text and data messaging and more, the DECT solution allows staff to alert different departments to emergencies, issues or tasks.

Lone worker protection

Staff working alone or at night are better protected with accurate location positioning and an integrated 'Man Down' alarm. Clear, coloured graphics provide a quick and easy view of any situation. Alerts are grouped by colour in the display with the most important at the top. Speed, accuracy and control are the watchwords of this solution. Whatever your message or alarm alert, the DECT solution can deliver it.

DECT C-3100 Series

All the functions of a pager, high-clarity phone, lone worker protection device and alarm in one stylish, slim handset. Staff working alone or in high risk environments are better protected with accurate location positioning and an integrated 'Man Down' alarm. Ruggedised with rubberised casing and IP65 rating - drop test, water and dust resistant.

DECT Message Server

CMS is a demand driven alarm server completely designed for durability and continuous developed by ESSMARK. CMS is a modular and is controlled through licenses to communicate with different systems depending on specific needs. CMS manages both physical and logical connections over ethernet.

Call buttons

Effective and discreet communication solutions

An effective communication solution, call buttons allow guests to summon staff without leaving their seats. Available in many designs, the wireless call buttons can be placed anywhere in your meeting room. Buttons can be mounted on tables, walls or in hallways to enable anyone to indicate where a specific service is required. Delegates are assured of uninterrupted meetings, whatever their service requirements and allows service teams the freedom to multi-task, safe in the knowledge that the will be lacerated instantly, via pager, the moment their services are required.

Easy installation and integration

Designed to integrate with the overall decor, the call button can sit discreetly and unobtrusively in meeting rooms, lobby areas, conference centres and private dining rooms. Easy to install and maintain, the solutions can be used as a standalone system, or interfaced with ESSMARK's Paging Software solutions, enabling all service requests to be logged and monitored by management teams.